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Bvdub Puts Rough Year Behind Him on Rare Ambient Mix

Words + Mix BROCK VAN WEY The past year has been worst than I could ever have imagined on a personal level—a living hell I can’t escape from. Only in recent weeks have I begun to learn to cope with the effects it has had on my psyche, both on my own and with professional […]
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Rafael Anton Irisarri

Rafael Anton Irisarri’s Rebuttal to Pitchfork’s Best Ambient Albums

As if he wasn’t busy enough playing festivals, manning sound boards, mastering countless albums, and making his own experimental music, Rafael Anton Irisarri became our hero by filing a fantastic retort to Pitchfork’s recent 50 Best Ambient Albums of All Time list. It’s a doozy—100 records that represent a full range of sounds that soothe […]
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Nanook of the North

Watch a Documentary on Nanook of the North’s Stunning Debut Album

While Stefan Wesolowski and Piotr Kalinskí (a.k.a. Hatti Vatti) had long talked about making an LP inspired by the iconic documentary Nanook of the North, a perfect storm of inspiration didn’t strike the pair until a couple years ago. Quite literally, in fact, as that was when they were holed up in Ólafur Arnalds’ Reykjavik […]
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Liziuz Shares the Ambient Half of His Debut Album

Photo BECKA DIAMOND Hospital Productions is heading into its 21st year with one hell of a debut album: Geschichten des Lebens, a deeply immersive double LP from ambient/techno architect Liziuz. The widescreen effort presents two entirely different versions of the same epic track—one for restless living rooms, and one for the darkest corners of the […]
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Villette Melds Experimental Techno With Neo-Classical on Exclusive Mix

Photo OZGE CONE As the co-founder of Injazero Records, Abkhazian DJ/producer Villette has embraced her experimental side as of late. It’s something she first explored on 2015’s Crossed Wires EP—a techno 12” haunted by ambient hooks and neo-classical nods—and furthered on its recent follow-up, Hiraeth. And now there’s “Trou Noir”, an exclusive mix for our […]
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Lustmord Discusses Three Decades of Dark Ambient Music

Words ANDREW PARKS This may come as a surprise given how sinister his soundscapes are, but Lustmord’s demeanor on the phone is downright delightful. In fact, he talks so fast–with a thick British accent, no less–it’s hard to follow it all. Here’s what you need to know about him in a nutshell, though: for more than […]
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Kid606 Covers Brian Eno’s “Discreet Music”

Miguel De Pedro has dabbled in ambient music before (see: such introspective Kid606 listens as Resilience and PS I Love You), but he’s never embraced wide open spaces and the power of silence quite like he does on his Bored of Excitement LP. Inspired in part by the recovery process De Pedro went through after […]
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The Orb

The Orb Bring Us Back to the Chill-Out Room

In honor of the excellent ambient record The Orb released on Kompakt a couple years back (COW / Chill Out, World!), self-titled asked Dr. Alex Paterson and his longtime collaborator Thomas Fehlmann to cut an exclusive chill-out mix for its Needle Exchange series. Presented in two parts below and recorded in their respective London and […]
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Gas | Nah Und Fern

Nah Und Fern
(Kompakt, 2008)

We know what you’re thinking: Nah Und Fern isn’t an album; it’s a box set. And a long-out-of-print one at that. So why is it self | centered’s lead Album of the Day? Well, that’s simple: because the first phase of Wolfgang Voigt’s influential GAS project could double as one long, never-ending LP. It doesn’t […]
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