As the concept of self-care threatens to become a tired cliché or meaningless commodity, the folks over at self-titled have decided to double down on what's gotten us through good and bad days for decades: music. Namely the New Age, drone, and ambient records that slip into the background like Satie or envelop a room entirely.

Check out self | centered every morning for our streamable Album of the Day, as selected by our editorial staff on Monday-Thursday, and one of our favorite artists on Friday. Also on deck in the weeks, months, and hopefully years, ahead: the occasional long read (it'll be worth it) and a curated selection of mindful features and mixes from the s/t archives.

No silly rating systems. No tepid hot takes. No shameless (or is it shameful?) clickbait. Just songs that soothe, no prescription required. 

We're glad you're here. Now let's #getcentered together.