Liziuz Shares the Ambient Half of His Debut Album



Hospital Productions is heading into its 21st year with one hell of a debut album: Geschichten des Lebens, a deeply immersive double LP from ambient/techno architect Liziuz. The widescreen effort presents two entirely different versions of the same epic track—one for restless living rooms, and one for the darkest corners of the club.

Check out the former below, along with some commentary from the Berlin-based producer….

There is always this one song, this one show that stick to your mind forever. Remember this moment—when you first experienced a piece of music that profoundly shook your understanding, when you connected to it in a way you can never explain….

For me, an album’s not about the best mastered tunes. It’s often this random performance, recorded in a basement with a poorly tuned guitar on a radio show nobody will ever listen to.