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JD Emmanuel | Wizards album cover

JD Emmanuel
(North Star Productions, 1982)

Much like the Jordan Sierra album we mentioned last week, Wizards didn’t move too many copies when it first came out in the early ’80s. So what did JD Emmanuel do? He made a color version of its stark black and white sleeve and added titles to five tracks that were originally treated as abstract […]
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Michael Stearns | Planetary Unfolding album cover

Luke Jenner On…
Planetary Unfolding

Words LUKE JENNER I can’t remember how I first found Planetary Unfolding (Continuum Montage, 1981). A friend of mine makes ambient tape music and works at Amoeba Berkeley as the world music buyer. We went to high school together; we used to trade baseball cards. The first time we traded something he ripped me off. […]
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Robert Haigh | Creatures of the Deep vinyl

Robert Haigh
Creatures of the Deep
(Unseen Worlds, 2017)

After spending the ’80s writing dark ambient diatribes and working alongside Nurse With Wound, multi-instrumentalist Robert Haigh took a sharp detour into drum ‘n’ bass with his Omni Trio project, only to resurface under yet another glaringly different guise over the past decade. And that is Robert Haigh the melancholic piano man, a minimalist cut […]
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Bibio | Phantom Brickworks vinyl

Phantom Brickworks
(Warp, 2017)

When we first got into Bibio during his Mush days, a big part of the producer’s appeal was how close his beats hewed to a kaleidoscopic Boards of Canada template. Stephen Wilkinson’s elusive sound didn’t stay that way, however. For nearly a decade now, the mood-altering multi-instrumentalist has worked psychedelic soul, R&B, folk and pop […]
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Chi | The Original Recordings album cover

The Original Recordings
(Astral Industries, 2016)

Cut at a communal farm right in the middle of the Regan era, and dusted off three decades later by the London imprint Astral Industries, The Original Recordings sound like something Chi’s new labelmate (Kompakt co-founder Wolfgang Voigt) would listen to while running through Germany’s Black Forest and dreaming up the next GAS album. Hypnotic […]
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The Orb | Orbus Terrarum album cover

Rafael Anton Irisarri On…
Orbus Terrarum

Words RAFAEL ANTON IRISARRI When I first heard The Orb’s Orbus Terrarum (Island, 1995), I was a teenager living in the middle of nowhere, playing bass guitar in punk and reggae bands, and had a very vague idea of what electronic music was. Growing up a teen in the mid ’90s meant barely any access […]
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Ashra | New Age of Earth vinyl

New Age of Earth
(Isadora, 1976)

Much like Manuel Göttsching’s dazzling solo debut (1975’s Inventions For Electric Guitar LP), early New Age of Earth pressings were credited to the Krautrock icon and his old group Ash Ra Tempel. This despite its dissolution several years earlier, when bassist Hartmut Enke and synthesist Klaus Schulze left the Tempel’s lone devotee to hold down […]
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Sigur Rós Celebrate Extended Family With ‘Endless’ Mixtape

Jónsi, Alex Somers and Paul Corley have released the second volume of their Liminal series. The “endless mixtape” features rare and previously unreleased material from the sound bath trio and such close friends and influences as Vatican Shadow and Ian William Craig. Among the spoils this time around is a new Jónsi song and the […]
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The Future Sound of London | Lifeforms album cover

Martyn On…

Words MARTYN DEYKERS It’s 1994 and I’m just some student in The Netherlands. My days at uni are filled dragging myself from lecture to lecture, from “Dutch syntax & grammar” to “PR Campaign Writing II”, but the nights and weekends are filled with fantasies about an alternate future world. Inspired by William Gibson’s Neuromancer and […]
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Future Museums

Future Museums Shares the Stories Behind His Cosmic Synth Cuts

In the spirit of the Free Association series at our sister site self-titled, we recently asked Neil Lord to pull the curtain back on his latest Future Museums album. Hitting shops today through Holodeck, Rosewater Ceremony Part II: Guardian of Solitude finds the Thousand Foot Whale Claw/Single Lash member in top form alongside soothing New […]
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