Drumcell Makes Us a Therapeutic Mixtape, From Autechre to Alessandro Cortini



The following playlist is music I have found to be personally therapeutic. It is a collection of compositions that is an exercise in catharsis while providing self-reflection and perspective. There are times that all of us are in dire need of inspiration, and it’s difficult to not be inspired by music that is as deeply moving as some of these pieces are.

I’ve also selected most of this music based on the fact that the pieces were created with various types of analog synthesizers, further proving how expressive these instruments can be outside of the dancefloor and into a broader space of contemplative drama.

There is a time and place for all different kinds of music and while this playlist may not be the suitable soundtrack for a cheery Sunday morning cleaning the house and cooking pancakes, it can be more than suitable for those long cold winter nights, endless dreary rainy days, and hopeless stares into the horizon during a sunset.