Dawn Chorus and
the Infallible Sea
(Azure Vista, 2020)

Liberamente is a reset button record, pure and simple. A way to mute the mistakes of last week and ease into the next with a clear mind and a renewed sense of purpose. Maybe even a little hope — something we all lost sight of in a year unlike any other in recent memory.

As for what Dawn Chorus and the Infallible Sea actually sound like, Stars of the Lid is certainly a starting point. At least in terms of how patient and pure the Indianapolis trio’s drawn-out drones are.

Although honestly, a better comparison would be a sensory deprivation tank without the creeping sense of claustrophobia and dread — a wave pool that washes over you as Zach Frizzell (zakè, Pillars), Marc Ertel (Pillars), and Damien Duque (City of Dawn) numb our traditional notions of time and space….