The Necks
(Fish of Milk, 2001)

The Necks | Aether

Remember MP3 blogs? Well the same rule of good intentions applies here; we love this hard-to-find LP from The Necks so much we simply had to share a streaming version of it here. (It’s not on Spotify or Bandcamp unfortunately.) Have a listen below, then buy the CD or digital edition straight from the source or iTunes.

As for why this record is so rad, consider how it compares to equally awesome recent efforts like Body, Vertigo and Unfold. While they all have their moments of ambient-jazz bliss, Aether would essentially be a drone record if you removed its brushed cymbals and galloping basslines.

Consider it a palate cleanser for the soul. And stare at the sun this time; despite what the movie Pi says, it’s good for you….