Nailah Hunter On…
Duchenne Smile


Duchenne Smile (Geotic, 2009) was my favorite album to listen to as a young, romantic art-school student living in the suburbs back in 2011. I’d just moved out on my own for the first time and this album was the perfect soundtrack to accompany my newfound feeling that anything was possible.

Composed mostly with electric guitar loops, synths, and drum machines, this album shines in its simplicity. The tracks are hypnotic; repetitive, and open-ended in a way that encourages the listener to explore inner worlds. Every track feels steeped in natural light — conjuring the blissful feeling one might experience in an enchanted wood without the use of field recordings.

When I listen now, I am reminded of the most curious, passionate, open hearted version of myself, and that experience is always centering….

Dappled light through golden maple leaves; laughing with friends under neighborhood street lights; hot breath collecting on a Thursday night.

Nine beluga whales perform a synchronized swim routine, smiling and holding hands in the cold light of the shark tank at the aquarium.

Laying out on the hill in 90-degree heat, planning for Halloween.

Eight-bit festivities; nymphs and satyrs imbibe.

First love, broken heart, broken screen, fingertips touch, forming.

Geotic (Courtesy of Ghostly International)

How do flowers feel at night? Kiss me and find out.

A time-sensitive walk in the woods, gathering kindling before dark.

Meteor shower gazing with rum, but no blankets.

Brie, brioche, cheap Cab, hot tub, music school gossip.

11:47 p.m. under the magnolia tree, singing softly in three-part harmony.

Nailah Hunter is 1/4 of the Leaving Records supergroup Galdre Visions. Check out their self-titled debut below, along with some of Hunter’s mesmerizing harp work, including her breakout EP ‘Spells’, several one-off singles, and a recent Bing & Ruth remix.