36 Launches C45 Dreamloops Series on Limited Cassette Tapes

36 | Dreamloops

36 unveiled two very limited releases today: a 200-copy marble blue vinyl edition of last year’s Ego Death LP and the first entry in a new tape series called C45 Dreamloops. According to the UK producer, “Each tune in this series will be 22:30 in length. These are slow, hypnotic tracks, that exist in their own time and space. You may be surprised how much changes over the duration of each track. All tape-related artifacts such as hiss, saturation, wow and flutter are both intentional and encouraged. Careful listening will be rewarded and due to the nature of magnetic tape, no two experiences will be the same. These aren’t for everyone, but if you have the patience, they might be exactly what you need.”

Indeed. Have a listen to C45 Dreamloops 1-2 below and check out 36’s guide to The Future Sound of London over at our sister site self-titled….