New Tab
(Pacific Rhythm, 2017)

Khotin | New Tab cassette

Dylan Khotin-Foote first released New Tab in tape and digital editions a couple years back, essentially clearing a path from his bleary-eyed house productions to a more laid-back and loose palette. Now available in a proper double LP pressing through DJ D.DEE & Early’s Pacific Rhythm imprint, the 10-track effort is a largely beat-less affair, putting an emphasis on painterly keyboard progressions, suspended animation sequences, and seemingly random samples (frogs, answering machines, a couple Russian learning English phrases like “I like you very much”) instead. And when the drums finally do kick in (see: the one-two punch of “Fever Loop” and “Health”), they’re clearly on more of a return-to-the-chill-out-room kick. Like what you hear below? Be sure to fire up last year’s Beautiful You LP for an extra dose of easy-going beanbag breaks.