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Daniel Schmidt | In My Arms Many Flowers album cover

Daniel Schmidt
In My Arms, Many Flowers
(Recital, 2016)

Sean McCann’s Recital imprint first gave this gorgeous collection of gamelan pieces a proper release in 2016. It’s gone through three blink-and-you’ll-miss-’em vinyl pressings since then, but you can still let the album’s four sublime vibrations reverberate across your living room online. Pulled from the personal 1978-1982 archive of music teacher/composer Daniel Schmidt, In My […]
Robert Rich | Nest album cover

Robert Rich
(Soundscape, 2012)

Critics may not consider Nest the most influential or ‘important’ release in Robert Rich’s immense back catalogue, but we’ve gotta be honest; it’s racked up millions of Spotify plays for a reason. And that is its steadfast position as a more peaceful listen than what we’re used to from a dark-ambient don who once had […]

Nick Malkin On…

Words NICK MALKIN Alva Noto and Ryuichi Sakamoto’s Vrioon (Raster-Noton, 2002) album seems to be in tune with everything around it—somehow locked into the key of everyday life. It rhymes with all of it. The phase of a passing ambulance, the blurred shouting of someone in the street, birds chirping, chimes moving, tires rushing by […]
Dedekind Cut | Tahoe album cover

Dedekind Cut
(Kranky, 2018)

In case you couldn’t tell by the yoga mat Fred Warmsley sold around $uccessor—his first Dedekind Cut album—or this lengthy, immersive playlist, the producer is essentially an ambient expressionist now. The abrupt transition began when the former Pro Era member was still making beats under his Lee Bannon alias—a move exemplified by 2015’s ego-dissolving Pattern […]
Ellen Arkbro | For Organ and Brass album cover

Ellen Arkbro
For Organ and Brass
(Multiverse, 2017)

There’s something about the sustained tones in Ellen Arkbro’s plaintive “For Organ and Brass” piece that reminds us of Sunn O))). Mainly their Monoliths & Dimensions album, which found the drone-on duo fusing their rumble-strip riffs with everything from an upright bass trio to a pair of trombonists. The setup on Arkbo’s first proper full-length […]
Scott Hull | Requiem

Scott Hull
(Relapse, 2008)

Scott Hull is quick to clarify that Requiem is not his first proper solo album. It’s more of a missed opportunity—a film score that was ultimately scrapped and given another go on Hull’s longtime label Relapse Records. “I worked on this quite a long time—the majority of 2006, in fact,” the guitarist/producer explained around its […]
JD Emmanuel | Wizards album cover

JD Emmanuel
(North Star Productions, 1982)

Much like the Jordan Sierra album we mentioned last week, Wizards didn’t move too many copies when it first came out in the early ’80s. So what did JD Emmanuel do? He made a color version of its stark black and white sleeve and added titles to five tracks that were originally treated as abstract […]