Claire Rousay On…


Theodore [Cale Schafer] and I first came into contact during the middle of 2018. I was on tour with Jacob Wick and we passed through Santa Fe to play a show that Theo set up for us.

This visit was my introduction to Theodore as a person as well as his music. He performed at the show and probably played better than us. Jacob and I were tired from drinking beers earlier in the day.

Around that point Theodore must have been working on the material for ​Patience (Students of Decay, 2019) ​but I can’t remember if he spoke about it at all. He seemed quite sad the whole time we were there.

You don’t have to know Theodore personally to appreciate what he does on ​Patience​. Sometimes I call his music “hook-heavy ambient.” The field recordings effortlessly fade in and out while the melodies ring loud and clear. Theo takes care without being too careful. The mix is never crowded, yet sometimes you feel like there is barely enough space for outside observation. ​Patience ​exists without demands and keeps an open invitation.

The HIT.

Theodore is a master of perfectly mixed field recordings.

I’ve cried listening to this track.

This makes me want to be back in Santa Fe, sitting around the fire in the backyard of someone I do not know.

Theodore Cale Schafer

Hook-Heavy Ambient.

I want to try it on more.

I want to play guitar more.

Theodore told me this is the lotion they used at his favorite Japanese spa.

I always feel alone while listening to ​Patience​ — not lonely, but alone.

Claire Rousay’s latest solo record, ‘it was always worth it’, was released last fall as part of Longform Editions’ stellar “immersive listening experiences” series. Stream it and several other selections from the San Antonio composer’s sprawling back catalogue of limited tapes, splits, and singles below, and look out for more new material later this year.