Joanna Brouk
The Space Between
(Hummingbird Productions, 1981)

If you’re short on time and don’t have the bandwidth to dive into her two-hour Hearing Music compilation, The Space Between is a lovely introduction to the rarified New Age recordings of Joanna Brouk. This particular album was only available in limited tape runs — the last of which went out-of-print in 1984 — until Numero Group’s Douglas Mcgowan (also of Yoga Records) stepped in to give it a proper vinyl pressing and digital transfer three decades later.

While the title track is the main event here — 22 minutes of slowly unfurling pads, chimes, and pianos, weaving inward and outward with the help of Mills College teacher/composer Bill Maraldo — Brouk’s three B-side pieces are worth a listen as well. Especially “Golden Cloud Layers,” a final touchdown that feels like it’s floating through space and fades to black far too soon.