Penelope Trappes On…
Essence / Universe

Laraaji | Essence Universe vinyl


For the past few years, Essence / Universe (Audion Recording Co., 1987) has been my go-to when I need to relax and remember all is well in the universe. Laraaji creates an aural space for me to drift away into. I feel like the title of the album is perfectly fitting.

I saw him perform a few years ago here in London and he had the room captivated and held in a peaceful meditation. The only breaks were when he spoke gently and laughed loudly. I feel like the power to heal resonates in the tones he creates through his use of instruments like the zither, hammered dulcimer, piano, violin. It becomes a shimmering transcendental journey—a place of peace.

Penelope Trappes’ latest solo album, ‘Penelope Two’, is now available through Houndstooth. Check our her back catalogue below, along with selections from her longtime band The Golden Filter over at Bandcamp.